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We use a few plugins, which can pretty much all be ignored if you don't care about them. No need to learn a bunch of commands just to play on this server.
Some of these plugins:
  • BetterRTP - allows random teleporting into the wilderness with /rtp
  • EssentialsX - simple stuff such as /tpa [playername] and /back
  • CoreProtect - anti-grief plugin that lets us easily roll back grief
  • Dynmap - the online sever map
  • GriefPrevention - plugin allowing you to claim land
  • Gsit - lets you sit on steps or really anywhere with /sit
  • QuickShop Reremake - plugin we use to make player shops
  • SmoothSleep - speeds up the night the higher percentage of players sleeping or afk
  • Tree Feller - breaking a single block on a tree will cut down the whole tree (best plugin on the server)
  • HallBounties - Custom plugin made for the Hall of Heads (type /warp hallofheads)


  1. Don't be a dick
  2. Swearing is allowed
  3. No dirt poles
  4. No stealing
  5. No cheating/hacking
  6. Killing is ok but not to the point of griefing
  7. Killing people to take their items is stealing (rule 4)
  8. Mutual agreement to kill and take eachothers items is allowed
  9. Don't use racist/derogatory/prejudice language
  10. Griefing is bannable
  11. Giant structures near spawn or visible near spawn on the server map may be moved by an admin
  12. Do not give new players items, do not follow them around and annoy them
  13. These rules may change at any point

Becoming a Member

To become a Member on Gabbage you first must be Verified rank.
Once you're Verified rank all you need to do is be active on the server for a couple of days and a staff member will make you a Member.
When you become Verified rank you will be able to make land claims and set up to 5 homes, and once you become a Member you will be able to make player shops and set up to 10 homes.


Gabbage is a Minecraft Java server that's actually hosted in New Zealand

LGBTQ+ friendly, no whitelist

Gabbage is pretty much the same as that nostalgic server everyone used to play on when they first started. Nothing too fancy, just some basic plugins to make everything a bit smoother.
The goal of the server is just to keep it as survival with a nice small community, and not turn into one of those giant multi-world multi-game mode servers.
Gabbage is hosted in Auckland, New Zealand (most "New Zealand" servers are actually hosted in Australia), but we welcome and already have lots of players from all over the world.
The rules basically boil down to not being a bad person.

  • Q: Why "Gabbage"?
  • A: I misspelled cabbage when buying the domain name

Admins: Enaphanola, anome, DannySwish, spiritey
Moderators: AlaskaOnline, Ash0Ninja, TheGlassworks, jjemb, pierrotfish, SirCreepington9, xSavage_